Finance now at top conditions

The time for real estate financing is optimal. Interest rates are currently at historically low levels. Secure the low interest rates now! You will receive competent and independent advice from our financial partner. With us you will find the best offer for real estate financing in Germany or abroad/turkey!

Key fact about real estate finance

- Process of a loan application
- Financial aspects of a construction project
- Buying a property e.g in Turkey
- Saving through debt restructuring
- Knowledge about Forward loans
- Financing concepts for modernization
- Public funding from the federal government KfW loan


1. Procedure

- Contact: The fastest and most effective way is to make an appointment in our office in Karlsruhe. Our phone: +49 7244 / 20 50 299

- Advice: First financing proposals, credit check, subsidies, risk clarification.

- Application: In order to be able to obtain a financing commitment for you, we need various documents from you.

- Financing commitment: This can take 5 - 10 working days - with some banks within 48 hours.


2. Build

The construction of a new home is a one-time affair for the majority of customers. The financing of the same should be considered and planned just as carefully:

How much equity can be used for the project?

The more equity is used, the smaller the sum to be financed and the smaller the monthly loan installments.

How long is the construction time?

The longer the construction period, the more important "trivial matters" such as commitment interest or construction time interest become. Your financing should also take this into account.

Which fixed interest rate makes sense?

A large number of banks have long been offering fixed interest rates that are much longer than just the well-known 10-year ones. This brings with it an increased level of security and flexibility for borrowers. We compare fixed interest rates from 5 to 30 years.

How high can the rate be? that the income is sufficient for the cost of living? Higher repayments mean a shorter term and thus significant interest savings. So that this does not become an unwanted burden over the years that can no longer be borne, ...RIGHT FINANCE... offers the option of subsequently increasing or reducing the monthly rate. Several times or even annually..

When should the loan be paid off?

We calculate the credit history with special repayment, without special repayment, with rate changes, etc. individually. In all financing consultations, we consider ways to save you money:

Public funding programs, flexible financing concepts, repayment modalities, etc.

Contact us.


3. Buy

Buying a property is a process that does not take place in a single day.

Anyone who has found the right property should be able to present the binding loan commitment from the bank for the upcoming notary appointment. But by the notary appointment, the modalities of the handover, due dates and fiduciary purchase price payment should be discussed in addition to the purchase price.

We accompany your financing in all phases of the process, so that you don't miss any deadlines and can always relax and look forward to your move-in.


4. Rescheduling

Follow-up financing at the end of the fixed interest period:

When your fixed interest rate expires, you have the right to repay the loan in whole or in part, to agree on a new interest rate and the repayment installment. This is actually very little effort for the customer and the bank, which is why it is all the more surprising that the extension interest from the previous bank is quite mediocre. You can find the interest rates for your follow-up financing here.

Your bank will inform you of the end of your fixed interest period at very short notice, usually 4-6 weeks in advance. Take care of follow-up financing much earlier. If your loan is due in the next 6 to 12 months, follow-up financing is possible today without additional costs. If it is longer than 12 months before your fixed interest rate is due, you need a forward loan. (advance loan).

Debt restructuring during the fixed interest period:

Customers often want to renew their loan because interest rates have fallen significantly. The customer has no legal claim to this. Should the bank nevertheless offer a new interest rate out of goodwill, it may demand the damage incurred in the form of a prepayment penalty. Thus, the customer already pays his interest savings for the next few years today, which means that debt restructuring is no longer worthwhile in most cases. Nevertheless, a forward-looking review of your existing financing is important in order to avoid the pitfalls of a new interest agreement.


5. Forward loan

How do forward loans work?

Forward loans are offered in order to secure the currently favorable interest rate level for loans that are due in the next 2 to 5 years. A new contract will be signed that will not begin for a few years. Until the maturity of your old loan, you pay the previous interest and installments. There is no interest or commitment interest for the forward loan during this period. The old loan will only be replaced by your new bank at the end of the fixed interest period.



- No fees, no hidden costs in the loan

- There are fees for the assignment of the land charge (bank + land registry)

- Lead time 12 - 48 months

- Interest rates are calculated on a monthly basis

- Lending up to 80% of the market value of residential real estate

- Fixed interest rates over 5, 10, 12, 15 and 20 years possible

- Annual special repayment of up to €10,000.00 p.a. possible free of charge

- Annual repayment adjustment (1% - 5%) possible free of charge


6. Modernize

Preserving values ​​and creating values:

Very different financing concepts can be used for the modernization of real estate. You can apply for public grants for certain measures, e.g. B. from states and municipalities.

The Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW Förderbank) offers various subsidies that are linked to precise conditions and energy values ​​of the measures. Depending on the type of modernization and the current debt of your property, it can also be cheaper to apply for normal bank loans that can be used universally.

On the website of the KfW-Förderbank ( you will find some helpful links to the individual program conditions, interest rates and all information sheets.

We create your individual solution taking into account the current KfW offers and those of our numerous banking partners.

Several nationwide banks offer the KfW on better terms than the KfW itself (interest rate difference to the KfW is usually 0.15% to 0.30%).