Let's do it together 

Finding the right tenant abroad is not an easy task. The handling of the applicants takes time and the presentation of the property requires a knack for design and a lot of marketing knowledge.Things that the layman usually does not have - in contrast to the real estate professional on site, who has the know-how and the experience to rent out your property in the shortest possible time at the best conditions. 

 - Will the new tenant ...- pay the rent regularly?

 - Treat the apartment with care?

 - Comply with the house rules?

 - Move out right away?


Choosing the right tenant is accompanied by many factors. It starts with the marketing. Some owners will already be asking themselves how they should design the exposé, where they should advertise and how they should do justice to the influx of interested parties. 

The rental price and the contract drafting abroad is also not easy to determine, because after all you don't want to rent the living space below its value, but with the necessary legal certainty. 

Thanks to our on-site rental management, all costs incurred, including ancillary costs / house charges, taxes, care, maintenance and repairs, are paid on time or forwarded to you after a thorough examination.

Our top service for landlords

DABAN Investment GmbH offers full service to landlords in Germany or abroad, i.e. everything you need for successful real estate marketing or letting: From analysis to the conclusion of the contract, our letting professionals take on all the services relevant for successful marketing.

Let's tackle it professionally together - with comprehensive advice

Do you want to successfully rent out your property without spending a lot of time on the subsequent administration? We develop a strategy together.

Don't give anything away

- thanks to our rental price analysis in the location of the property

we know what you can charge for your property. Together with you we determine the best possible rental price.

Put your object in the limelight

- with a professional exposé design

The first impression counts. That's why we design your exposé with high-quality images, processed floor plans and meaningful texts.

Improve your market opportunities

- through wide-ranging advertising

With our numerous marketing measures online and offline, we increase the circle of interested parties and thus your choice.

Save time and money

- with our efficient prospect management

No annoying calls, no lengthy viewing appointments, no contact with applicants who are out of the question anyway: we only present you with solvent dream tenants.

Get financial security

- thanks to careful credit checks

So that you can be sure that your tenant is solvent, we subject every applicant to a detailed credit check.

Sit back and relax -

Just watch us online as we market your property.

Enjoy absolute legal security - through professional support

Whether contract negotiations or contract signing: We, supported by our business partners (specialist lawyers for the purchase, sale and rental of real estate), are always available for legal questions.

We protect you

When handing over and handing over apartments, we create handover protocols for you.